About Honeymoon Tour
Welcome to Turkey! In Turkey, you will be guided through the paths of a wonderland, a land of legends and a multitude of civilizations.

If you are looking for something special and extraordinary, join us on one of our romantic Mediterranean Aegean Summer Special honeymoons.

Whether it is the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Black Seas, or the Sea of Marmara, we can provide you with a truly exquisite getaway with that special loved one.

The Mediterranean and Aegean seas between Greece and Turkey are the most popular locations for a honeymoon cruise and we can arrange trips of 1 to 15 days or more depending on your requirements.

Like linking continents together (Asia and Europe) our wedding and honeymoon packages link people together between special places.

Looking to book your honeymoon getaway? Then book one of romantic tailor-made cruises sailing to the Mediterranean and Aegean and you can be sure that all of your dreams of that perfect and unforgettable experience will come true.