The city of Gallipoli, from the Greek "Beautiful City" is a pearl within the blue waters of the Ionic. It was an ancient town of fishermen and sailors, a fortress against the Turks, a place of oriental charm, with its wonderful beaches, the beautiful historical monuments that surround it, the perfumes of the healthy and delicious traditional cooking and the alleys of its village.


The town appears even more characteristic for the division in two areas: the old city and the new village. The historical centre rises on a calcareous island linked to the dry land by a brick bridge and is full of ancient constructions and frescoes. Passenger and car ferries run daily between Canakkale, on the Asian side, and Eceabat and Kilitbahir, on the European side.


Yachts navigating the straits stop at the well equipped Canakkale Marina to allow tourists more time in the area. The town, and the surrounding area is a desired destination for tourists for the summer and the calibration of Anzac Day there are wonderful beaches along the coast way and is equipped with hotels and camp sites.


The economy of Gallipoli is based on tourism, fishing and trade. And is a must for any body visiting Turkey a good couple of days is recommended.